I’m running for Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council!

I’m throwing my hat into the ring to serve my local Angelenos as a member
of the Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council!

There’s a lot going on in Hollywood. When I walk around my neighborhood, I see
million-dollar construction projects going up adjacent to sites of persistent homelessness.
I think the key to understanding why these things are happening and enabling ourselves
to build the best Hollywood we can is an active, engaged, and visible Neighborhood
Council. I’m running to increase the presence of my Council and increase my neighbors’
participation in its work. I want more than 81 out of ~17,000 Central Hollywood residents
to choose who sits on this council (as happened in 2016), and I’ll knock doors, write
emails, update websites, or hang fliers to make sure that’s the case.

As the maps and charts below show, Central Hollywood is a large and diverse place
with people of all races (many bilingual) spread across >1 sq. mile (source: LA’s
Department of Neighborhood
Empowerment). I think the time I spent talking to
hundreds of people of every kind as a volunteer for Katie Hill’s 2018 campaign will give
me the skills to effectively hear from and respond to such diverse stakeholders. I think
my training as a scientist and my science outreach/communication experience will help
me advocate for their ideas and explain the policies they inspire from City Hall. I’m
excited to have the opportunity to represent my community and to grow as their
advocate as I learn from them. This is Hollywood — let’s reach for the stars!


Elections are Sunday, March 31, 2019 from 10am to 4 pm at Hollywood
Neighborhood City Hall! 6501 Fountain Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028.
General meetings
are the 4th Monday of every month. Be sure to see https://empowerla.org/chnc/ and
http://empowerla.org/councils/ for more details. Or, feel free to use the contact form at
the bottom of this page. Also, follow me on Twitter @lab_rams, or visit my Facebook page
to learn more about what I’m up to!

También espero que hablar con mis vecinos hispanohablantes para entender sus
sentimientos específicos y crecer en un trabajador eficaz para ellos. En las próximas
, cuando camino por el vecindario, tendré con materiales en español para facilitar
estas conversaciones importantes.

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 5.26.43 PM.png

Map of Central Hollywood. Lots of commerce on the borders—studios to the S.E., everything you can imagine on Sunset and Hollywood Blvds.—and both single houses and apartments spread throughout.

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 5.25.33 PM.png

2016 US Census data on the people of Central Hollywood. Lots of commercial space means the population isn’t huge compared to some other LA ‘hoods, but we’re a diverse 17,000! As a 32 year old academic who rents, I’ll represent the largest age, income, housing, and education demographics in my neighborhood. I hope that will help lots of people hear their voices in mine.