About Me

I’m a Carnegie-Princeton Fellow in Astronomy at the Carnegie Observatories in Pasadena.

I study the forces that shape galaxies’ life stories, causing them to go from small, rapidly growing disk-shaped objects, to big, slowly growing (or dead) spheres. We don’t know the exact mix of relevant phenomena, but we think where galaxies are born, the environment they grow up in, subsequent interactions with other galaxies later in life, and their intrinsic structural or “skeletal” properties all matter.

You can tell that I see galaxies almost as people. I don’t take this analogy too far in my scientific writing, but I do think it helps to see my job as a blend of astrophysics, sociology, and a little bit of lawyering. Certainly, I enjoy trying to grab what I can when I can from those other fields.

This is my website. I’ll try to put interesting/intriguing things I learn or do here so that you can read about them. That way, you won’t have to slog through stuff like this.

Enjoy! (And let me know if you don’t: I’ll try to fix it!)

PS — You can also follow me on Twitter (@lab_rams) or check out my Carnegie webpage.

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