Publications & Talks

What I’ve written:

  • A paper using spectra and imaging from space to reconstruct the evolution of four
    galaxies’ masses and internal structures over time.
  • A paper asking whether galaxies need to shrink to turn red, or if they’re just born
  • A paper on the surprising accuracy of our very simple model of galaxy
    evolution…but also everyone else’s (and what that means for my subfield).
  • A paper on how relevant the evolution of galaxy populations is to the evolution of
    individual galaxies.
  • A paper on how galaxies are made of two pieces (and that this fact is important).
  • A paper on how cosmological models predict too many small galaxies (except
    maybe when they’re very isolated).
  • A paper on how galaxies “cycle” through different modes of star formation (unless
    something stops them).

What I’ve talked about: (PDFs best viewed as slide shows)

  • A talk I gave at a conference in Perth on some fundamental challenges to learning
    the biographies of individual galaxies. (This one was tough.)
  • A filmed talk(!) I gave at the Carnegie Observatories about the crazy challenges of
    figuring out how galaxies evolve using astronomical data, and some ways we might
    make progress towards a Final Theory.
  • A talk I gave at a special workshop in Holland dedicated to understanding why
    galaxies go from being blue to being red.
  • talk I gave at another special workshop in Holland dedicated to finding deeper
    meaning (if there is one) in the fact that heavier galaxies form more stars every
    year than lighter ones.
  • A talk I gave to the Riverside and Ventura Country Astronomical Societies on the
    similarities between galaxies’ and people’s lives.
  • A talk I gave in Italy describing a different way to think about how red and blue
    galaxies got their colors.
  • A talk I gave at UCDavis about what will ultimately be the upshot of my thesis.
  • A talk I gave in Pasadena about how a planned space telescope will revolutionize
    our understanding of the relationship between a galaxy’s environment and its
  • A talk I gave at Alan Dressler’s (my collaborator and mentor at Carnegie) festschrift;
    Zion National Park, September 2014.
  • The context of this paper, at The Carnegie Observatories; a more technical
    description of my research interests.
  • really cool lab I did with my Space Explorers where the students (and the teacher)
    are the experiment. If you’re an instructor, here’s a useful companion worksheet to
    go along with/help you plan the activity.

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