Non-Astronomical Pursuits

There’s a lot to life besides taking pictures of space. For example, there’s running, brewing, teaching, traveling (usually goes with taking pictures of space…), and being cultured. I (try to) engage in all of these things. If you do too, perhaps you’ll like these links:

Here’s the best part of my job. High school teachers should check this program out.

For runners:

  • Use this at your own risk (it’s addictive).
  • Get your shoes here.

For brewers:

  • If you’re just starting out, this is a useful resource.
  • If you’re more advanced, go to Brew and Grow and get some grains.

This is also the best part of my job.

Lastly, I like to spend some of the rest of my time reading (All The King’s Men is my favorite book), and watching TV (The Wire is my favorite show…and should also be yours).



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